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10、Babies lose heat much faster than adults,and are especially_______tothe cold in their first month.B1、IP______________about four years of being addicted to video games.2、I’m quiet surprised that I’ve believed the whole thing hasbeen_____________although,of course,some people know.3、It took about half a year for them to ______________how to build theequipment.4、Security forces remined ______________until far into the night.5、Feelings there have been running high______________last week’skilling.6、Campaigners______________leaflets on passive smoking.7、The power immediately ignited and ______________a chain reaction ofexplosions.8、Security is being _____________to deal with the increase in violence.9、If someone tells you to______________,they are warning you to becareful about how you behave or what you say so that you do not get into trouble.10、It’s time to_______________and get something done.第5课A1、Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said that the“chance Israel willbe hit”during an Iraqi war“is very small,but we have taken all necessary precautions as if we were in_________danger.2、Drake ___________that there are some 10,000 high-tech worlds scatteredamong the Milky Way’s 100 billion or more stars.3、Bill puts his arm around her and tenderly says:“If she grows up asmuch a lady as her mother,some___________will be a happy man.”4、There is this image,particularly cultivated by opponents of themonarchy in this country,that it’s an_____________expensive and wasteful institution.5、Especially for those___________lovers,Valentine’s Day is made easierby the publishing companies that come to their aid by distributing cards they could use to stir hearts.6、There is an account of a woman who believed herself to be freezing todeath in the Arctic nighe,only to find,when day broke,that she had_________onto the Sahara Desert.7、In the mid-fifties,when we’d go to restaurants or out shopping,myfather would constantly be approached by sports fans seeking_________.8、I’m so _________when I meet him in person.Whenever I meet him,I becomespeechless,but chatting with him on the Net would be less intimidating.9、We may be suffering from cultural differences,but we are__________tobe in the new environment,seeing new sights,hearing new sounds and language,eating new kinds of food.10、Sleepy,__________,unable to fix a bicycle tire,or walk across aroom,he was stripped of his true self by drink.B1、Why don’t you learn to _____________your superior’s moods and actaccordingly?It may be good for your career.2、In their legal system,factual issues_________________be resolved bythe jury,not by the court.3、I read Dreiser’s Jennie Gerhardt and Sister Carrie and they revivedin me a vivid sense of my mother’s suffering;I was____________. 4、It was only a _____________out that’s all it took for Secret Serviceagent Sean King’s attention to wander and his “protecte”,Clyde Ritter,to die.5、The annumal coming-of-age ceremony in Japan was once a solemn rite ofpassage,but today’s events will highlight a growing generation gap between adults and youths who are______________rite or passage. 6、New ________________storage devices can store hundreds of megabytesof date on a single disk,cassette,or card.7、They may be poorly informed________________public affairs,but theyknow enough to believe that their political system is badly in need of reform.8、The American soldiers charged with prisoner abuses at a U.S.-run prisoncomplex near Baghdad are being______________by the press.9、______________is annoying when someone is doing it for some sort ofgain such as better treatment or just plain bragging.Sometimes it is not cultured to talk about“who you know”.10、The objective of that grand program passed by Europe’s leaderscan be illustrated with the motto:Let’s______________America and overtake it!第6课A1、Another common use of the tag question is in small talk when the speakeris trying to_________conversation:“Sure is hot here,isn’t it?”2、Napster says it is delaying the launch of its subscription service yetagain,after running into serious problems in its talks with other firms.So here is Napster’s__________:Still not ready.3、The path from initial lab work on a drug to final approval of the drugby the Food & Drug Administration is a long and__________process.4、When I was a child,I always refused to write thank-you notes for birthdaypresents from a faraway relative.My mother would__________me and say,“Paul,you must learn to be polite.”5、A(a)__________memory may be a good thing,but the ability to forget isthe true token of greatness.6、There’s still a great deal of ___________on the weapons of massdestruction,which despite what President Bush and Prime Minister Blair say,have not yet been found.7、Even though exercise has many positive benefits,too much can beharmful.Teens who exercise___________are at risk for both physical and psychological problems.8、Some of the maids were quiet and affectionate.But otherswere_________,driving the young women crazy by complaining to them all the time.9、There is nothing more fascinating than observing citizens of manydifferent nationalities__________and exchanging greetings in an international airport.10、When Dallas police notified the hospital that President Kennedy hadbeen shot,at first,the young neurosurgeon thought it was a_____________.B1、He picked up things that he thought people were throwing away and stillhad life.He was very upset that people were very quick to__________things of value.2、Looking for life elsewhere is tough task.The good news is that thescientists are ___________for extraterrestrials signs and scientific tools to search for extraterrestrial life are advancing rapidly. 3、They are not so ____________their studies that they avoid sports.Onthe contrary,they juggle their crowded hours to play on a variey of teams.4、People remember only what is interesting and useful to them,what helpsthem make sense of the world,or helps them___________in it.5、My husband reacted with irritation because he felt the comments implied:“Yours is not a real marriage.I am _____________you because my wife and I have avoided your misfortune.”6、Airlines are _____________the plan to modernize Los AngelesInternational Airport because their financial problems would make it difficult for them to pay for the renovation.7、The Green Party of Pennsylvania(GPPA)has ______________the politicalscene in 2001 with unprecedented energy and vigor and Green voter registration has more than quadrupled.8、Before he went to university,Prince William had gone off to the junglesof South America and worked on rather____________farms in England.9、_____________,we tend to get remain the same or change it to youradvantage!10、Following the terrorist attacks,there have been reports ofbeatings and killings of Arabs.As an African American,I am outraged by the_____________Arab Americans and Muslims.第9课A1、When she arose to speak in their assemblies,her commanding figure anddignified manners___________every trifler into silence.2、In many of his paintings of towns,harbors,and rivers,Marquet showeda particular gift for simplification that seized___________upon theessentials in the scene before him.3、The old gentleman was so much immersed in business,that he was unableto ___________much attention upon me.4、The most famous_____________whiteface clown is Felix Adler,whoperformed in the early and mid-20th century.5、By the 1st century B.C,Roman power was growing and Greek influence hadbegun to ______________.6、To starboard,at Hurghada,behind______________ranks of coralreefs,lay the important Marine Biological Station of the University of Egypt.7、At first,the downturn was confined to industries most sensitive to highinterest rates.But__________,the loss of income in these areas had a ripple effect throughout the economy.8、The puppet theater combines three elements:the puppets;the chanterswho sing and ____________for the puppets;and the players of the three-stringed instrument.9、This is your daily life;to me it is like a scene from a play,over whichone sighs to see the curtain fall-all_____________,all light,all happiness.10、“It was really rural when we moved here,”says Stanley.“But thesenewcomers are ______________the rural atmosphere.”B1、Sudden gestures would drive sharks away for a moment,but they came backalmost at once.If we turned our backs to them,they would__________at our legs.2、The male___________produces his courtship song by rubbing a groovedridge on the underside of one of his front wings against the sharp edge of the other front wing.3、Early ballpoint pens did not write well;they tended to skip,and theslow-drying oilbased ink__________easily.4、In August,the enemy’s drive against the city,which hadbeen__________by floods in late June and July,was renewed.5、In an ionic substance,the positive ion often____________the electronson the negative ion.6、The risk of a heart attack for patients with a history of heart problemsgoes up by 35~50 percent during the winter months,so doctors warn heart patients to ____________the cold.7、Last month,protected CDs with technology designed to discouragecustomers from making copies on their PCs quietly ____________stores.8、On January 21,2001,thousands of people______________the National Mallto be witness to the inauguration of the 43rd president George W·Bush.9、In low visibility,the diver never knows what he will find on any diveand may suddenly see a huge ship_______________out of the underwater fog.10、Inside the airport hundreds of passengers are still____________bythe snowstorm.第11课A1、I am determined never to be___________from doing my duty by threats.2、Whisky is such a wonderful liquid.The old man___________for it;and whenhe drank it he savored every drop,and afterwards he would feel his soulswimming in indescribable happiness.3、The argument is based on such obvious shaky ground that doesn’trequire a particular ______________.4、We often _____________our energies in trivial occupations.5、He hoped that the affair could be settled without either of themhaving____________to legal peoceedings.6、He claimed to be a democrat,but secretly he____________for absoluteauthority.7、Only when this evil political system has been_____________will it bepossible to do away with poverty,unemployment and war.8、She didn’t know the beautiful garden behind the courthouse was ___________property for all to enjoy.9、The June night was short;but it seemed an ______________to those who waited and watched.10、On his own ________________he was taken part in the robbery.B1、I haven’t a penny lefe;buying all those books has completely_________me________________.2、So many young men have been_____________in this terrible war.3、Don’t go in yet.Father is _____________about the razor you used to sharpen your pencil with.4、Claiming to represent the majority,he demanded____________of the privileges of the few.5、After a lifetime in the noisy city,Mr·Steward_____________of the privileges of the few.6、When the drunkard started to fight,the barman_____________him out of the pub.7、If you set the law at_____________,you will find yourself behind bars.8、We watched helplessly the flames_____________the entire building.9、I was so anxious that every moment seemed an____________.10、The court met again after an_____________of two weeks.第14课A1、The supporters of GM foods say that it should be possible to make foodsthat are less likely to _trigger_________ allergies.2、The relationship between men and their cars would terminate________in the event of irreparable mechanical breakdown(equivalent to the death of a spouse).3、The combination of miscommunication,ignored warnings and generalhubris__________virtually guaranteed disaster.4、Despite an occasional glimmer____________of hope,this campaign hasnot produced any results.5、These kids,their wealthy families had further insulated__________themfrom reality with the privilege that money could buy.6、I found myself constantly pondering____________the question:“Howcould anyone do these things?”7、Interactive technology augments traditional methods with new andyet-to-be invented collaboration_____________tools ranging from e-mail to Web logs to digital video to peer-to-peer systems.8、For people who feel too intimidated____________or shy to ask questionsduring class,the Internet creates a “safe environment”to speak their mind.Online,nobody knows who you are.9、On this day after September 11,most planes were still grounded;theskies were eerily__________ quiet.10、Considered by many archaeologists to be the first humancivilization,Sumer has yielded many huge stone carvings.Deciphered___________,they described “gods”who came from another planet in flying machines.B1、Gone were the days when dogs ran free and were consideredanimals,_________beloved animals,rather than furry little people.2、It is through our nervous system that we adapt ourselves to ourenvironment and to all external____________.3、The Board of Aldermen soon will ______________$4.3 million to dozensof nonprofit organizations and city departments that serve families,homeowners and businesses in struggling neighborhoods.4、If the hypothesis is correct,it might explain why Homoerectus ,survived to____________modern humans while other relatives such as Paranthropus,that lived alongside for hundreds fo thousands of years,died out.5、The astronomers say that the radio signal picked up by a search forextraterrestrial intelligence may ___________to be an unknown astronomical phenomenon.6、In a report published in 2000,a committee of the National Academyof Sciences ranked a 30-meter telescope first on a ____________of new instruments for the coming decade.7、No metter who you asked whether you can take on tobacco,you get thesame answer:“You can’t do that.It’ll be hard.it’s a __________.8、The London Underground is offering“Baby on Board”badges to pregnantfemales._____________this is a great move,but behind the initiative are a number of depressingand troubling assumptions.9、Technofuture s:How ____________Technology Will Transform Business inthe 21st Century is about how technology will continue to bring impactsand changes,both economically and socially,to our lives.10、Personal computers have changed a lot in the last few decades,butnot in the way that people communicate with them.Typing on a keyboard,with the help of a mouse,remains the most common__________.第16课A1、In the Renaissance,fresco painting on walls and ceilings largely gaveway to ___________painting in oils,but wall painting returned to popularity in the 20th century.2、White marble busts of Shakespeare,Dickens,Hawthorne andIrving____________through the trailing ivy from the various corners.3、As Hank ventured this last remark in a cautious manner,he scrapedthe_______________of the walk with one foot while he slyly noted the reception of his venture by an upward cast of his eye.4、They had an air of dignity and independence in their manners,whichformed a striking contrast to the_____________and servile appearance of the Slave.5、The sun coming down the heavens was scattering its beams full and fairagainst the vine clad______________and windows.6、Drunkenness is temporary suicide;the happiness that it brings ismerely negative,a _____________cessation of unhappiness.7、Though he looked thin and weak,he could run___________fast in the 1,000meters race.8、He was seated in the rear lobby,_____________by cushions in acomfortable rocking chair.9、The darkness came very early.Then the electric lights_______________.10、All of us were very surprised to find that they had completed the difficult task in ____________haste.B1、We should all ______________to the hero as a role model of devotionto duty.2、The students were surprised that this time the principal gave a____________speech instead of his usual long ones.3、The ____________of the occasion was lost when he cut in with anunrefined joke.4、Peterson knew in front of the Nazi soldiers he had to persist becausethis was the_____________test of loyalty to his mother country. 5、A psychological ____________of a job applicant does help a lot in thejob seeking.6、See me safe up:for my coming down,I can __________for myself.7、You must dress yourself quickly and be sure that your jewelryhas_____________.8、People don’t _________________other people’s property in the sameway as they do to their own.9、The teacher was already _______________hearing his another excuse forbeing late.10、He was afraid that they couldn’t arrive at the port on time asthe sail of the little boat____________crazily from one side to the other in the wind.翻译第1课1、Yesterday,s terrorism darkened,marked and forever altered the way Americans livetheir lives.昨日发生的恐怖主义活动使美国人的生活暗淡无光,在他们的生活中留下了印迹,并永远地改变了他们的生活。

2、"We are going to have to learn what a lot of other countries have gone through:to manage fear at a cultural and national level," said Charles Figley,a professor of trauma A at Florida State University. "We’re getting a lesson in the way fear works."佛罗里达州立大学创伤心理学教授查尔斯·菲格利说:“我们得学一学其它许多国家曾经经历过的东西,那就是从文化上和在全国范围内来应对恐惧。”他还说:“我们正在体验恐惧是怎样起作用的。”3、In a country long proud and even boastful of its openness -- a country where anordinary citizen can stroll through the U.S. Capitol unescorted -- the terrorist attacks are likely to force Americans to watch their steps and look over their shoulders. We already do a lot of that. Metal detectors now mark the front door of many government buildings,and security guards are a fixture in the lobby of most large office buildings.美国是一个一向以开放自豪甚至洋洋得意的国家,在这里,人们可以独自在美国国会大楼里闲庭信步,而现在,恐怖袭击很有可能迫使美国人处处小心,惶惶不可终日。


4、But retaliation carries the risk of setting off a tightening spiral of violenceand counter violence not unlike the Middle East or Northern Ireland. Unlike countries that have had to learn to live with violence,"We are new at this," said Florida’s Dr. Figley, who heads a project that has trained trauma teams in Yugoslavia."My fear is we will overreach and make things worse rather than better by retribution,revenge,racism and marginalizing ethnic groups."报复有很大的危险,会引发和在中东及北爱尔兰一样的紧张的暴力和反暴力的恶性攀升。与那些不得不在暴力中学习如何生存的国家不同,“我们是新手,”曾在南斯拉夫训练过创伤急救队的项目负责人费格里博士说,“我所担心的是惩罚、报复、种族主义和排斥少数民族的举动会过于偏激,适得其反。”5、Fear of terrorism is likely to lead Americans to tolerate more governmentsurveillance -- such as overhead video cameras at sporting events -- than they have to date. "It’s very likely in the wake of today’s events that we’re going to see a greater acceptance on the public’s part -- and on the court’s part -- to approve certain kinds of police tactics," said William Stuntz,a Harvard Law School professor.对于恐怖主义的恐惧会使美国人接受比现在更多的来自政府的监控,例如在运动竞赛场上高架的摄像机。哈佛大学法学院教授威廉·斯顿茨说,“经过目前这些事件,我们将发现,无论是公众,还是法庭,都会在更大程度上接受某些警察的策略。”第5课1、Dave got there first and he slaughtered me later about how the maitre d’hadchanged his tone completely when Dave told him who he was supposed to be meeting,It went from: "Who’s this Manc?” to “this way Sir.”All in a split second .When we got there,the snappers were doing their stuff outside.Dave was starting to take the mickey out of me for being a face at this expensive London restaurant when we looked across the room and saw Our Man at the same time.戴夫先到一步,事后他气愤地向我发难说当他告诉领班准备和谁一起吃饭时,领班的语气骤然逆转。一瞬间就从“这是个什么人?”变成“这边有请,先生。”当我们赶到时,拍照的人已经在饭店外忙个不停了。戴夫开始嘲笑我是伦敦这家高级饭店里的知名人物。这时,我俩向屋内望去并同时看到了我们的偶像。

2、An amazing part of my life—of life with Victoria—is that,sometimes,thosepeople I’m nervous before meeting and ton gue-tied when I do turn out to become friends.我的生活中——与维多利亚一起的生活中——一件美好的事情就是有时那些让我在见面之前紧张不安、在见面时张口结舌的人,最终却成为我的朋友。

3、They’re incredibly generous:almost the first thing Elton did the afternoon Imet him in Italy was to offer Victoria and me their place in the South of France as somewhere to go if we ever needed to get away from it all.他们非常慷慨:我在意大利见到埃尔顿的那个下午,几乎他所做的第一件事就是把他们在法国南部的住处提供给维多利亚和我以便我们一旦需要远离烦乱的生活时有个落脚的地方。

4、I’d have been happy listening to his opinion on that and anything else for therest of the day.We all know his story but,looking into his eyes,catching his smile,following the lines across this incredibly handsome face,you couldn’t help wanting to hear it from him.在剩下的时间里如果能听到他对我的辫子和其它事情的看法我会非常高兴。我们都知道他的故事,但是看着他的眼睛,捕捉着他的笑容,追寻着这张异常英俊的脸上遍布的皱纹,你会情不自禁想要听他亲自讲述。

5、By the time we stumbled off the coach back at the hotel,having been up beforedawn,our lack of sleep was starting to catch up with me.The afternoon driftedpast in a dream.我们在天亮前就早早起床,因此从大巴下来跌跌撞撞走回酒店时,睡眠的不足开始让我犯困。下午就在梦乡中度过了。

第6课1、John Forbes Nash,Jr.----mathematical genius,inventor of a theory of rationalbehavior,visionary of the thinking machine----had been sitting with hisvisitor,also a mathematician,for nearly half an hour.小约翰·福布斯·纳什——数学天才、理性行为理论的缔造者、预见思想机器出现的预言家——已经和来访者,也是一位数学家,共坐了将近半个小时。

2、He had been staring dully at spot immediately in front of the left foot of Harvardprofrssor George Mackey,hardly moving except to brush his long dark hair away from his forehead in fitful,repetitive motion.他一直目光呆滞地盯着哈佛教授乔治·麦基左脚前方不远的地方,除了一次次重复着将垂在前额的略长的黑发拨开的动作,他几乎一动不动。

3、Over the next decade,a decade as notable for his supreme faith in humanrationality as for its dark anxieties about mankind’s survival,Nash provedhimself,in the words of the eminent geometer Mikhail Gromov, “the mostremarkable mat hematician of the second half of the century”.在未来十年,在那既以对人类理性抱有无上信念而着称,又以对人类生存怀有无尽忧虑而闻名的十年,纳什,用知名几何学家米克哈尔·格罗莫夫的话说,证明了自己是“20世纪后半叶最杰出的数学家”。

4、Geniuses,the mathematician Paul Halmos wrote, “are of two kinds:the ones whoare just like all of us,but very much more so,and the ones who,apparently,havean extra human spark.We can all run,and some of us can run the mile in less than4 minutes;but there is nothing that most of us can do that compares with thecreation of the Great G-minor Fugue”.Nash’s genius was of that mysteriousvariety more often associated with music and art than with the oldest of allsciences.数学家保罗·哈莫斯写道,天才“分为两种:一种就像我们大家一样,只是更为出色;另一种则是那些明显具备超凡人类灵感的人。我们都能跑步,有些人还能在四分钟内跑完一英里;但是我们所做的一切无论如何也无法与创作出G小调赋格曲相提并论”。


5、Compulsively rational,he wished to turn life’s decisions----whether to takethe first elevator or wait for the next one,where to bank his money,what job to accept,whether to marry----into calculations of advantage and disadvantage,algorithms or mathematical rules divorced from emotion,convention,and tradition.他具有一种难以抑制的理性,希望将生活中的决定——是搭乘第一部电梯还是等待下一部,到哪里存钱,接受什么样的工作,是否结婚——都转化为利弊得失的计算,转化为完全脱离感情、习俗和传统的算法法则或数学规则。

6、His remoteness was punctuated by flights of garrulousness about outer space andgeo-political trends,childish pranks,and unpredicatable eruptions of anger.But these outbursts were,more often than not,as enigmatic as his silence. “He is not one of us”was a constant refrain.他一贯冷漠,但一时兴起也会喋喋不休地谈论外太空和地缘政治趋势,或做出孩子般的恶作剧,或者毫无征兆地勃然大怒。这些情感的迸发总是和他的沉默一样神秘莫测。


7、Nash’s insight into the dynamics of human rivalry----his theory of rationalconflict and cooperation----was to become one of the most influential ideas of the twentieth century,transforming the youny science of economics the way that Mendel’s ideas of genetic transmission,Darwin’s model of natural selection,and Newton’s celestial mechanics reshaped biology and physics in their day.纳什对于人类竞争动态变化的洞察——他的理性竞争与合作理论——将会成为20世纪最具影响的思想理论之一。这一理论改变着新兴的经济学,其作用无异于孟德尔的基因遗传,达尔文的自然选择模式和牛顿的天体力学再造了当时的生物学和物理学。

第9课1、 Still,it tugs at our minds.If we unexpectedly encounter the full moon,huge andyellow over the horizon,we are helpless but to stare back at its commanding presence.And the moon has gifts to bestow upon those who watch.但无论怎样,月亮依旧牵动我们的心灵。倘若我们偶尔遇见一轮黄灿灿的满月高悬中天,谁都会禁不住停下来凝神仰望她尊贵的姿容。而月亮也向注视她的人赐予厚礼。

2、 But as the moon lifted off the ridge it gathered firmness and authority.Itscomplexion changed from red,to orange,to gold,to impressive yellow.It seemed to draw light out of the darkening earth,for as it rose,the hills and valleys belows grew dimmer.By the time the moon stood clear of the horizon,full chested and round and the color of ivory,the valleys were deep shadows in the landscape.然而当月亮缓缓升起,离开山头,它变得坚定、威严;它的面孔也由红变成了橘红,又变成金色,最后是平静的明黄色。它似乎从渐暗的大地中吸取了光明,因为随着它的升起,下面的丘陵山谷愈来愈黯淡朦胧。待到皓月当空,满月如盘,闪烁着象牙般乳白的清辉,山谷便成了风景中一片片幽深的阴影。

3、 Moonrise is slow and serried with subtleties.To watch it,we must slip into anolder,more patient sense of time.To watch the moon move inexorably higher is to find an unusual stillness within ourselves.Our imaginations become aware of the vast distance of space,the immensity of the earth and huge improbablity of our own existence。We feel small but privileged.月出是缓慢的,充满神奇。观看月出,我们得回到过去那种对时间的耐心中去。观看月亮不可阻挡地升到空中就能让我们内心安宁,我们的神思能让我们看到宇宙的广漠和大地的宽阔,能让我们忘掉自己。我们觉得自身渺小,却又深感大自然的厚待。

4、 Moonlight shows us none of life’s harder edges.Hillsides seem silken and silvery,the oceans still and blue in its light.In moonlight we become less calculating,more drawn to our feelings.月色下,我们看不到生活中坚硬的棱角。山坡在月光下如同笼上了柔和的轻纱,一片银白;海水在月光下碧蓝而静谧;我们在月光下也不再像白日那般精于算计,而是沉醉于自然的情感中。

5、 I return often to the rising moon.I am draw especially when events crowd easeand clarity of vision into a small comer of my life.后来我常回到山上观月,尤其是在接踵而来的事使我身心疲惫、头晕眼花时。

6、Lovers and poets find deeper meaning at night.We are all apt to posedeeperquestions---about our origins and destinies. We indulge in riddles,rather than in the impersonal geometries that govern the day-lit world.We become philosophers and mystics.恋人和诗人在夜里能找到生活更深刻的意义。其实我们都爱问一些深刻的问题——我们的祖先是什么?我们的命运在哪里?我们不喜欢那些统治着白天世界的刻板的几何教科书,都愿意沉溺于永远找不到答案的谜团中。在夜里,我们都成了哲人和神秘主义者。

7、 At moonrise,as we slow our minds to the pace of the heavens,enchantment stealsover us.We open the vents of feeling and exercise parts of our minds that reason locks away by day.We hear,across the distances,murmurs of ancient hunter and see the visions of poets and lovers of long ago.月出之时,当我们放慢自己的思想,让它跟随天国的脚步,一种心醉神迷的感觉就会流遍全身。我们会打开情感的窗口,会让白天被理智锁住的那部分思绪尽情奔涌。


第11课1、 That hanging a man (or frying him or gassing him) is a dreadful business, degradingto those who have to do it and revolting to those who have to witness it.绞死(或电死或用毒气杀死)一个人是桩恐怖的事情,使行刑人变得卑劣,使目击者感到恶心。

2、 It may be quite necessary to society for all that.即便如此,他们的工作对社会来说也可能是十分必要的。

3、 These persons, and particularly the first group, are concerned only indirectlywith deterring other criminals. The thing they crave primarily is the satisfaction of seeing the criminal actually before them suffer as he made them suffer.这些人,特别是第一类人,对是否遏止其它罪犯并不太关心。他们极欲得到的是一种满足,就是看到给他们带来痛苦的罪犯在他们面前也饱尝痛苦。

4、 Every law-abiding citizen feels menaced and frustrated until the criminals havebeen struck down---until the communal capacity to get even with them, and more than even, has been dramatically demonstrated.每位守法公民都感到威胁,感到无计可施,直到罪犯受到打击,直到凭借公众力量报了仇,还不仅仅是扯平,而这力量得到充分的体现后,这种感觉才会消失。

5、 Why should he wait at all? Why not hang him the day after the last court dissipateshis last hope? Why torture him as not even cannibals would torture their victims?他到底为什么要等呢?为什么不在终审法院使他的希望破灭后的第二天处决他呢?为什么要用连食人族都不会用的手段折磨他呢?

第14课1、 Take another look at those cables:They snake into the back of the computer andthen out again,terminating in a cap on the monkey’s head,where they receive signals from hundreds of electrodes butied in its brain.The monkey is directing the robot with its thoughts.再看看那些电缆。电缆弯弯曲曲地进入计算机后盖,然后又出来,最后到达猕猴头上的帽子里。电缆从埋在猕猴大脑里的数百个电极接收信号,猕猴用思维向机器手臂发出指令。

2、 For decades scientists have pondered,speculated on,and pooh-poohed the possibility of a direct interface between a brain and a machine----only in the late 1990s did scientists start learning enough about the brain and signal-processing to offer glimmers of hope that this science-fiction vision could become reality.几十年来,科学家就一直在思索、推测大脑和机器直接联系的可能性,但都认为这不切实际。只是到了20世纪90年代末,科学家才开始充分地了解大脑与信号处理的有关知识,从而出现了使科幻小说的幻象变成现实的希望的曙光。

3、 The notion of decoding the brain’s commands can seem,on the face of it,to bepure hubris.How could any computer eavesdrop on all the goings-on that take place in there every moment of ordinary life?解码大脑指令的想法乍看起来可能像是十足的狂妄自大。计算机怎么能窃听日常生活每时每刻发生在大脑里的全部活动呢?4、 But most researchers assumed that each type of movement was governed by a specifichandful of the brain’s billions of neurons----the need to monitor the whole brain in order to find those few would make the successful decoding a practical impossibility.但是,大多数研究人员认为,每种类型的运动都是靠大脑几十亿神经元中一些少数特定的神经元来控制的——为了找到那些少数神经元而需要监测整个大脑则会使成功的解码变为实际办不到的事。

5、 Thus everthing that was known at the time suggested that brain-machine interfaceswere a fool’s errand.Everything,it turned out,was wrong.因此,那时知道的一切表明,使脑-机联系是徒劳无益之举。结果证明,那一切都是错误的。

第16课1、Artists liked the way the palms grew and the bright colors of the hotels facingthe gardens and the sea.艺术家们喜欢棕榈树生长的形状以及那面对花园与大海的旅馆明亮的色彩。

2、Water stood in pools on the gravel paths. The sea broke in a long line in therain and slipped back down the beach to come up and break again in a long line in the rain.雨水在砾石路上聚集成了一个个小水坑。海水涌上了沙滩,在与雨水相接之处形成了一条长长的分界线,之后又顺着沙滩滑回去,然后再涌上沙滩,又形成了一条长长的分界线。

3、Outside right under their window a cat was crouched under one of the drippinggreen tables. The cat was trying to make herself so compact that she would not be dripped on.就在他们的窗外一只小猫蹲在一张绿色的滴着雨水的桌子下面。它尽量地缩着身子以免被雨水淋湿。

4、She liked the deadly serious way he received any complaints. She liked hisdignity.她喜欢旅馆老板非常认真地听取顾客意见的方式。她喜欢他那威严的样子。

5、Something felt very small and tight inside the girl. The padrone made her feelvery small and at the same time really important. She had a momentary feeling of being of supreme importance.女孩的心被轻轻地触动了。旅馆老板对她的态度使她感到自己既柔弱又非常重要。



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